Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhinna ajalugu

Kvaliteediinnovatsiooni auhind anti Soomes esimest korda välja 2007.aastal. Konkurss on iga aastaga rahvusvaheliselt laienenud, hõlmates tänaseks järgmisi partnerriike: Eesti (2010), Rootsi (2011), Läti (2012), Ungari (2013), Tšehhi Vabariik (2013), Kasahstan (2014), Iisrael ( 2014), Baskimaa riik (2015), Leedu (2015), Hiina (2016), Hispaania (2017), Venemaa (2017) ja alates 2018. aastast ka Botswana, Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik, Rwanda, Svaasimaa ja Zimbabwe.

Rahvusvaheliselt on Eesti osalejad pälvinud järgmisi tunnustusi:


  • Prize Winner of social and health care sector innovations
    • Estonian Health Insurance Fund
      • Introduction of a nationwide drug-to-drug interaction assessment functionality in the digital prescription information system
        • Estonian Health Insurance Fund has built an e-service based on the drug-to-drug interaction database INXBASE – RISKBASE so as to provide to Estonian doctors and pharmacists a free-of-charge option of assessing drug-to-drug interaction. The objective of assessment of drug-to-drug interaction is to improve treatment quality and patient safety. The service is integrated with digital prescription system which is used by all medical institutions.
  • Prize Winner of business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises)
    • AS Hansab
      • Humanoid robot Pepper for Telia
        • Telia Estonia new headquarters included humanoid robot Pepper as a guest recipient in first phase. In near future we’ll develop the robot of being able to carry out the role of the tour guide of Telia new building as well as a customer service assistant.


  • Prize winner of education sector innovations
    • YFU Estonia NGO
      • Smart YFU (Nutikas YFU)
        • “Nutikas YFU” is a tool to map volunteers’ competences, their job and work opportunities within YFU Estonia and their expectations to value and enrich the diversity of volunteers to be more aware of their skills and knowledge.


  • Prize winner in category of Public sector and nonprofit organizations
    • IT and Development Centre, Ministry of the Interior
      • Transboundary water body
        • Transboundary water body is a web application for fisherman and Transboundary water visitors. With the application fisherman and others can register to Transboundary water more comfortably and faster. This application also has saved about 80 hours of time of the border guards (phone calls has reduced) and this time can be used to patrol borders instead.


  • Microenterprises
    • Cybernetica AS
      • Sharemind
        • A data processing system capable of performing computations on input data without compromising its privacy.
  • Potential innovations
    • Flydog Solutions OÜ
      • FlyBox + SensorNest
        • Sensor network management system, for simplifying and implementing data collection with multi-vendor sensor integration via innovative hardware and software.


  • Potential innovations
    • GreenBead OÜ
      • Reusable laundry agent
        • GreenBead is developing the technological concept for the first reusable biological laundry agent in the world.
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
    • Icosagen OÜ
      • Golden Egg Technology
        • Icosagen has developed innovative methodology “Golden Egg Technology” for generation of polyclonal antibodies using domestic chicken as test-animal.


  • Enteprises
    • Molcode Ltd
      • REACH QSAR
        • Service as a legally compliant alternative to animal testing
  • Innovation of Innovations
    • Public sector and nonprofit organizations
      • Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
        • Enhanced innovative interactive training service supported by a virtual environment


  • Enteprises
    • Wihtla OÜ
      • ELS Excellence
        • Real time customer satisfaction survey system for Estonian Post. An electronic tool which helps and speeds up daily surveys, getting results and taking corrective steps.
  • Public sector and nonprofit organizations
    • Estonian Tax and Customs Board
      • Customer-specific prepayment account
        • An account that can be used to pay all taxes and payment with one payment. This helps save time and bank charges.
  • Public sector and nonprofit organizations
    • Estonian Health Insurance Fund
      • Digital prescribing of medicines in Estonia


  • Honorable mention
    • Competence Centre for Cancer Research Ltd
      • Complex service of oncogenetic consultations and testing
  • Microenterprises
    • Feanor OU
      • Pinetree solid carbide cutters
        • Pinetree solid carbide cutters with three cutting edges and through coolant
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
    • Bio-Competence Centre of Healthy Dairy Products LLC
      • Lactobacillus planatrum TENSIA
        • Usable as adjunct starter in functional food