Engaging workshops on the 18th and 19th of June


Take advantage of the practical workshops as part of the Congress! Asko Talu, mentor, personal coach, organisational constellation facilitator in Estonian Constellation Centre leads The Way to Healthy Organisation via constellation and Larry R. Smith, who “graduated” from Ford in 2005 as a quality coach advises Why TRIZ is Important for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.

The Way to Healthy Organisation takes place  18th of June 15.30 - 17.00 and discusses what conditions are necessary for an organisation to be healthy. Health means that the employees in that organisation feel good and are able to work effectively. It also implies that it fulfils the purpose in society for which it was originally established and that there is lively exchange within the organisation itself and the outside world. In a system with high levels of organisational health, staff turnover is low and motivation high.

The purpose of the constellations is to restore system coherence so that everyone and everything is given its place and is free to operate at its best, from that place. Organisational constellation is quite simple and powerful method to diagnose, understand, recognise and solve systemic unbalances. Systemic approach (systemic principles, system dynamics) will help leaders and managers to increase their level of awareness and understanding about their organisations and integrate these principles into holistic management system.

In the workshop systemic principles, dynamics and constellation principles will be explained and organisational constellation will be shown in practise.

Asko Talu is consultant, personal coach, mentor, trainer, organisational constellation facilitator. Prior to establishing his own consulting company in 2007 he worked 11 years for TNT Express as Country Manager in Estonia and Regional Manager for Baltic States.  Asko’s main topics are organisational development, team work in managerial level, change management, systemic work principles in organisations, personal development programs for managers.
Read more about Asko Talu: http://www.quality2013.eu/en/speakers/asko-talu

The second workshop Why TRIZ is Important for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma takes place  18th of June 15.30 - 17.00 that provides a model for relating TRIZ, an innovation tool, with six sigma and design for six sigma.

Described as “the single most important factor in determining America’s success through the 21st century,” innovation is increasing recognized as a key to competitiveness in today’s global environment.  Today’s problem solving teams are provided many tools to help them “define,” “measure,” and “analyze” on the front end of a problem solving process.  When they get to “improve,” they are often on their own to come up with an innovative concept or idea.  Innovating new concepts is more than just asking teams for ideas – there are tools that can help.  A TRIZ tool for guiding brainstorming to foster innovative solutions to system functional conflicts (Altshuller's original matrix and 40 solution principles) will be provided as part of the session and results of using TRIZ in problem solving and product development are discussed.
Larry R. Smith “graduated” (retired) from Ford in 2005 where he was quality coach of the Ford Motor Company's Heritage team, a team charged with revitalizing the Ford Rouge manufacturing complex.  Larry's career emphasis has been in quality engineering and product development.  He was instrumental in initiating a six sigma effort at Ford Motor Company and acted as deployment champion for the Superduty Truck Platform, whose six sigma projects saved $49 million in the first year of operation. 
Since Ford, Larry has consulted and conducted training on quality and innovation methods with his own company, The Quality Smith, and for Ideation, GOAL/QPC, Global Productivity Solutions and the Juran Institute.  

Read more about Larry Smith: http://www.quality2013.eu/en/speakers/larry-smith