Welcome to Estonia - the Land of the Midnight Sun

On behalf of Estonian Association for Quality (EAQ) and European Organization for Quality (EOQ) I am very happy to invite you to Estonia to attend the 57th EOQ Congress on June 17-20, 2013 in Tallinn.

The theme of the Congress is Quality Renaissance - Co-creating a Viable Future.

Our world is in an era of transition, big changes and shifts are happening. Quality renaissance gives an opportunity to get through turbulent times, transformation and renewal. We are looking for solutions how Quality & Excellence thinking, creative and innovative application of traditional as well as brand new tools, systems and approaches can contribute to the new reality of a high level of complexity and uncertainty. Integrating the best of current knowledge and wisdom from a diversity of experience with cutting edge research gives an opportunity for new paradigms to emerge. Our common aim is a vibrant and sustainable future for people, organizations and society, better quality of life for all.

We would like to offer an inspirational platform for sharing experience as well as new ideas, a collaborative meeting place with participants from all over Europe and beyond, nurturing environment for something new to emerge and making co-creation possible. Among other best practices we are going to share some great stories from the winners of Quality Innovation Award competition, led by Excellence Finland and joined by Estonian, Swedish and Latvian Quality organizations.

What makes any EOQ Congress most valuable and memorable is the people - participants and speakers, sharing their  passion, wisdom and curiosity, bringing contagious energy and excitement to the experience. With each of them experts in their own area, they appreciate that there is always much more to learn, acknowledging that the most productive way is learning from each other. You will have the chance to challenge and discuss the key issues, gain relevant insight applicable to your professional life, which can be used in your own work to improve products and services as well as the ways your organization is run.

There is also a reason to celebrate the 20 years of EAQ in the European Quality familiy – in June 1993 a Baltic Connection Day took place in Tallinn as a special event of EOQ '93 World Quality Congress in Helsinki, when Estonian Association for Quality was approved as a full-member organization of EOQ. This time there is an opportunity to visit Helsinki and some excellent Finnish companies as a post-congress activity, organized by our colleagues and friends from Excellence Finland.

The Congress takes place in midsummer, a magical time with the longest days and white nights, time of paradoxes when you can see the midnight sun and anything is possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tallinn!


Tiia Tammaru

Chairman of the Board
Estonian Association for Quality