Impact – workshop by Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey

01.02. 2019, 10:00-16:00

Workshop by Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey  – Impact

Venue: Nordic Hotel Forum,

This workshop is about Impact. Impact can be simply defined as the value of the problem we attempt to solve times the probability we actually solve the problem times the probability the solution actually gets implemented.

In the first part of the workshop we discuss the part on which quality professionals, data scientists and analytical researchers usually focus, the problem solving. In addition to the traditional methods often falling under the umbrella of Lean Six Sigma, we shall review and perhaps introduce newer methods of statistical graphics and dynamic interactive data visualization and utilization. These methods are critical in solving today’s problems involving massive data sets and challenges of artificial intelligence and machine learning in manufacturing and service companies.

Some of the new methods are included in the following software: JMP Pro 14, Tableau, Python, Gapminder, R – there are several hundred methods in these programs that quality professionals and others should be aware of.

The second part of the workshop will focus on the less studied but far harder part – the implementation of the solution to actually achieve results, the Impact of our work. Often mistakenly called resistance to change, the reasons for solutions not being implemented or partially implemented are complex. New work, now falling under the name Implementation Science is giving us new insights and tools for making positive change happen.

Target audience for workshop: quality professionals, data analysts, process improvement specialists, managers, …

Outcomes of the workshop:

  • a deeper understanding of exploring, understanding and presenting data;
  • new skills in implementation science, how to implement solutions and scale the improvements rapidly;
  • new ways of looking at large data sets dynamically, how results change over time and the reasons for the changes;
  • interactive analyses, how to manipulate data in real time using new methods of communication with computers, e.g., motion, eye movement, pointing.


Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey’s biography available here.