Project Description

Tuulikki Sillajõe

Tuulikki Sillajõe

Main Expert on Data Management in the Youth Field, Estonian Education and Youth Board (Harno) 

Youth Monitoring System in Estonia

Tuulikki Sillajõe has the qualification of economist from the University of Tartu (accounting and economic analysis, 1987) and the degree of Master of Sciences (Engineering) from Tallinn University of Technology (digital transformation in enterprises, 2020). She has studied also business administration (MBA) in Tallinn University of Technology, entrepreneurship in Finnish Markinointti Instituutti, macroeconomics in Dalhousie University, Canada. Her work has always been related to data and communication. Tuulikki has worked in a publishing house as editor of economic literature and has held different positions in Statistics Estonia. Being for 15 years as Deputy Director General (2004-2019). In Statistics Estonia she was involved all stages of data life cycle, starting from data gathering until statistics dissemination, as well as developing different new methodologies. For example, she created the foundation for today’s statistic dissemination system, implemented modern principles of making confidential data available for research purposes, was involved in international cooperation. She is working currently as main expert on data management in the youth fieldin Estonian Education and Youth Board. In her daily work she is making sure that high quality data are available regarding youth area, and that they are described,and maintained in a way that they can be reused. Tuulikki’s passion is the promotion of data literacy and awareness.

More and more frequently there is a need for data, which enables us to make knowledge-based decisions related to the everyday life of young people. A youth monitoring system has been created to make timely and appropriate data available for all decision-making levels. The presentation gives an overview of the Estonian youth monitoring system and introduces the scoreboard, which was created as a result of cooperation between the Education and Youth Board, Statistics Estonia and representatives of youth organisations and local governments. Tuulikki is introducing shortly also the quality assessment model of youth work.