Project Description

Ott Velsberg

Ott Velsberg – Government Chief Data Officer of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication  

State of Art and Future Trends of Open Data in Estonia

Ott Velsberg is responsible for the strategic management and coordination of the state’s data, including data management, artificial intelligence and open data. In his activities he is driven by the vision that the decisions in Estonian public sector are made based on data, the services are operating without burdening the end user and the state supports open innovation and community-based development. Ott received his PhD degree from Umea University, where his research focused on Internet of things (IOT). 

Ott is going to talk about the current state, main challenges and future vision of open data in Estonia as well as Estonia’s global position in the area. He will give an overview of the principles of digital society and recent developments, bringing several examples of open data usage.