Project Description

Geir Moen

Geir Moen

Academic Director of Ny Vekst og Kompetanse, Norway.

Measuring Quality of Life

Geir has been working within the social services sector for about 30 years and has always included quality assurance and user participation as core elements in the service delivery, as well as keeping things clear, simple and practical. Ny Vekst og Kompetanse provides vocational education and training for persons with disabilities. The organization is non-profit and has a strong focus on innovation and collaboration both in a national and international context. 

Geir is going to talk about an approach, which is developed by Ny Vekst og Kompetanse  for service delivery where indicators for measuring quality of life are the main reference to ensure quality of the services. This method is called the Equal Model and is now subject to a research study in Norway. Geir will share some of the experiences they have had so far with the Equal Model.