Project Description

Zsolt Bugarszki

Tallinn University, School of Governance, Law and Society. Founder at Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program.

Zsolt Bugarszki

Reboot in social and healthcare services: Learning points and messages of co-creation experiences in the business world (IT and gaming industry) for the social and health service sector & using those experiences in social hackathon approach.  


Lately in Estonia I work on innovative solutions how to use modern technology, ICT tools and economic models to support vulnerable people in the community. I lead the Social Entrepreneurship MA program of Tallinn University, which is an innovative educational program following the project-based learning method). Currently we are finishing our Võrumaa project and I have very interesting findings and experience about the nature of co-creation. Actually I got deeply impressed by the way the business world (IT and gaming industry for example) is using co-creation nowadays and I find a lot of relevant learning points and messages for the social and health service sector that we could also use in our social hackathon approach.


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