Project Description

Sami Seppänen

CEO, Elisa Eesti AS

Sami Seppänen has been leading the most quickly growing telecom company in Estonia for more than 20 years. The company led by Sami can be described as flexible, agile, quickly adaptable, developing, and innovative. Capability to grow and adapt is enabled by goal orientation and company culture based on empowered people.

Sami started in the telecom field in retail business of mobile phones and computers in Finland in 1994. He came to Estonia in 1997 when the retail chain of Tietopuhelin mobile phones entered Estonian market. He has been leading Elisa Eesti and its predecessor Radiolinja since 2000.

During this time the staff of Elisa has grown from 80 to 1000 employees.

Sami Seppänen is acting member of the Board or Council of Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Helsinki Bourse Club, is active as a member of the supervisory board or board of directors at the Finnish – Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Helsinki Stock Exchange Club, Estonian Broadband Development Foundation, Niitvälja Golf.

In his presentation Sami is going to talk about leadership and culture, as well as sharing Elisa’s experience of using EFQM Model 2020 as a useful management tool in the time of change and transformation.