Project Description

Piret Jamnes, Fontes, Partner and leader of development team

Mindfulness – How I Was Running Hastily to Meditation Sessions and Beyond 

Piret is Talent Advisor, Career Coach and Executive Coach, who is helping people to become more aware about themselves and their possibilities, to find their Element and make decisions. Life Design and Job Crafting are focus areas, which have emerged from career counselling and organizational consulting and inspire her most at the moment.

In the course of consulting and training she has observed more and more that people are stressed out, their focusing ability is volatile and diving deep into important topics as well as prioritization is difficult. Continuous speed and need to switch over quickly, demanded by today’s VUCA environment is tiresome and adapting to it needs effort. The themes of Mindfulness and meditation came into Piret’s life previous year when she experienced herself its strong impact on her centering and switching ability. In her talk Piret shares her experience of managing in high-speed environment, keeping focus, flow and meditation as useful tools.