Project Description

Otto Pukk

CEO, Incap Group


Otto Pukk is the CEO of Incap Group. Otto joined Incap in November 2015 as the managing director for Incap’s operations in Estonia. Otto Pukk has during his career served in demanding positions in various technology companies, thereby gaining comprehensive experience in managing and leading operations of international companies. Before joining Incap he served in 2011-2015 at  Eesti Energia Technology Industries (Enefit), acting as the CEO of the company as from 2014. During 2004-2011 he held different managerial positions in the ETAL Group (ElektronikGruppen BK AB) both in Baltic countries, in Finland, and in Asia. Otto Pukk was named Best Leader of 2020 in Estonia.

Best Leader of the Year 2020, Otto Pukk will share his thoughts on leadership, decentralized management and how he has turned Incap into the star of the Helsinki stock exchange. Otto will share Incap´s experience with how the organization tackled the Covid-19 pandemic and led the company through the crises period.