Project Description


The Lightness of Living

Katrin learnt first how to be a quality manager in an organization and only after that she learnt how to manage quality in her own life. She learnt to bring more lightness and flow into her life. In her speech she is going to share her experience on this


Katrin Alujev is a freelance trainer and holistic therapist. Before that she worked almost 20 years as a quality and HR manager. She has performed trainings since 2001, mostly related to people management, adding more emphasis to stress prevention and mental health topics into her training portfolio. She enjoys helping people to discover their real self and inspire them to look for opportunities to create a lighter life for themselves. Katrin is sharing her thoughts about life and her experience on a Facebook page ‘Elamise kergus’ (‘Lightness of Living’) and her first book with the same name was published in 2018.