Project Description

Jan Kotka

COO, Magnetic MRO

Jan is highly self-motivated, analytical executer, who has close to two decades of international management experience. He enjoys working with different multinational teams and organizations; has a proven track record of turning around globally mid to big size companies and operational units and organizations, making teams work together, achieve top results and making the organizations effective, sustainable and ready to last. Jan has been working and learning with and from world top individuals and companies who have been my either his coaches, colleagues, customers, vendors or partners. He enjoys constant self-development and self-challenging to achieve higher goals and to push his boundaries.

He is currently working as COO in Magnetic MRO, being responsible for Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Manufacturing Division (6 standalone business units globally) and all operational support units; main focus is to develop globally harmonized, digitalized, Lean and efficient operations at Magnetic MRO globally. The biggest achievement, rapid restructuring in 2020 during COVID-19 crisis; Magnetic MRO – HQ in Tallinn; >100MEUR revenue, >550 employees and over 30 locations totally in Europe and East-Africa; well-known and fast growing total technical care provider for airlines, leasing companies, asset owners. 

Previously he has been working in Enics Group as Global Account Director; Director of Global Operational Models; and General Manager of Enics Slovakia S.r.o, turning around of 600 workers factory from losses to profit in 12 months. Before that he was working in different positions in Elcoteq (eg Managing Director of Elcoteq Tallinn, Global Operations Manager of Elcoteq SE, Product Line Manager of Elcoteq Hungary)

Life after COVID-19 – there’s no way back…

2020 as for many other companies around the world, has been a very challenging time also for Magnetic MMRO. The aviation industry, which we all believed is forever growing, got severely hit by COVID-19 crisis and Magnetic MRO, being an international company with offices and subsidiaries in Europe, Africa and Asia, had many different frontlines to manage. In February-March, when the crisis started to roll out, it had an immediate impact on Magnetic MRO customers and its revenue streams. We saw dropped revenues and profits, we saw changed and struggling market situation ahead, but we also recognized opportunities lying in the chaos and recognized our advantage in size, agility and strong team spirit that would help us to get through the crisis, even not knowing what and for how long would be