Project Description

President International Academy for Quality (IAQ)

Short Bio:

Portrait of Lars Sörqvist.

Lars Sorqvist is President (2023-2024) and board member of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ). He is CEO of Sandholm Associates, a leading provider of training in quality management and excellence in Europe founded in 1971.

Dr Sorqvist is also an associate professor in quality management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a past professor at the Shanghai University in China. He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ) and a past board member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

As an advisor and educator, Lars Sorqvist has conducted training and management seminars in a large number of companies and organizations in many countries on most continents. He also acts as a mentor and coach for executives, leaders, and quality professionals worldwide.

As an author, Dr Sorqvist has written many articles and books on ​​quality management, continual improvements, Lean, and Six Sigma.

Title of the presentation:

Quality as a driver of a sustainable development


People and organizations worldwide today realize that achieving a more sustainable development is important and not just for future generations, but also for our generation. Environmental, social and economic effects, more and more affect our lives and the society around us. The understanding that something has to be done increases.

Despite the actual situation real actions often are missing. There are many nice statements and promises, but far too little happens in reality. The need for more fact-based and improvement-driven sustainability work is because of this high. By linking quality and systematical improvement activities to sustainability, the progress needed can be achieved.

The focus of this speech will be to explain the correlation between quality and sustainability and give an understanding of how quality and fact-based improvement work can become the main driver of a future more sustainable development. Examples will be given from companies the speaker personally has been supporting in different countries and experiences from the winners of the IAQ Quality Sustainability Award.