Project Description

Anu Virovere

Anu Virovere – Psychologist and a Communication Coach

Anu Virovere is psychologist and a communication coach. She has been working in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Business School and Tallinn University of Technology as lecturer of organisational behaviour, business ethics, marketing communication and strategic leadership. Besides that she has been training public and private organisations, school leaders and teachers for past 25 years.

Anu got her PhD degree from Tallinn University of Technology in 2015 ( topic of the Thesis was ’The Role of Management Values, Knowledge Management and Conflict Management for Improvement of Organisational Sustainability’). She got her Masters Degree in Physics from Tallinn Pedagogical University and studied theoretical physics and psychology at Tartu University. She received the qualification of communication trainer in 1991. During 2013-2014 she studied solution oriented coaching in Erickson College International (Canada) programme ‘The Art and Science of Coaching’ and ‘Team Coaching’ in 2015.

In her presentation she is going to discuss how to be sustainable as a person.


  1. What is the important difference in terms of sustainability between LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT?
  2. What makes a LEADER to be sustainable?
  3. What strengths ensure the sustainability of the COMPANY?

The DALAI LAMA’s book “THE ART OF BEING HAPPY AT WORK” provides the answer to sustainability – you have to be happy at work.