Christian Mayeur workshop Let’s make the “Zhu”

neljapäev, 28 Jaanuar, 2016 - 09:00
Viru Konverentsikeskus, Viru väljak 4
28 th january 9.00-14.45 
Christian Mayeur Let’s make the “Zhu” - Using artistic empathy to surprise your customers
Small groups of participants will combine 2 relational design tools: the “Empathy Card” and the “Artist’s Atlas” to imagine surprising experiences.
In groups, participants will:
1. Introduce to each other in a way they understand what is an outstanding experience,
2. Select a customer experience familiar to all members of the group,
3. Discover what is the “Zhu” concept
4. Practice the “Zhu” with help of the Empathy Card.
a. Entering the Other’s mind (reason and emotion),
b. Crossing the perceptions and visions
5. Create an Artist’s Atlas of an outstanding customer experience (Not Do Well or Do Better, but Do Different), with help of art pictures,
6. Share their productions and practice a mutual feedback
7. Understand the role of Empathy, Image and Atlas (a practice born at the end of the 19th Century, but the Big Thing in a Googled world) in art & design and why it is so important in Innovation of the 3rd kind approaches,
8. Review the four steps of Relational Design,
9. Ask any questions,
10. Have fun in working hard.

Christian Mayeur

Christian Mayeur is an expert consultant in service dynamics, founder of Entrepart, a service strategy consulting company.

He loves art and rock n'roll. So, he decided in 2002 to share his creative skills and his energy with organizations which want to transform themselves and their relationships to environment radically and achieve creative breakthroughs. Then he created Entrepart with his wife Sylvie. Before that, he had been working 15 years in France Telecom Group and then 3 years in Lacroix Ruggieri Group, a French company leader of Pyrotechnologies at European level. He had got some reputation in Service Management & Innovation expertise. In 2006, Christian published a book "Le manager à l'écoute de l'artiste", which could be translated as "The manager inspired by artist" that has been awarded in 2007 in France with "Entrepreneurship Book Prize". With Entrepart, Christian aims to co-create with his clients other ways of looking and listening to the real world, enabling them to put Radical Innovation, Exceptional Performance and Social Responsibility into practice.