Latvian Society for Quality Conference "Changes for a happier life"

neljapäev, 14 November, 2013 - 09:00
Maritim Park Hotel, Riga, Latvia

Läti Kvaliteediühing kutsub 14.-15.novembril toimuvale konverentsile "Changes for a happier life". Eesti Kvaliteediühingu liikmetele kehtib Läti Kvaliteediühingu liikmete soodushind!

This year we want to focus on the individual, the employee, and find aswers to such questions as: who is more important - the individual or the system? What can every individual and organizations do to improve their performance and the "happiness index"?


Conference topics:

1. Changes for a "happier" organization and society

2. Risk management - organization's inner insurance

3. The impact of corporate culture on quality and organization results

4. Tools and methods to ensure quality and productivity


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