Dear Innovators!

There is an opportunity to present your high quality products or services participating in an international competition Quality Innovation of the Year 2015.

The competition has been initiated by Finnish quality organization Laatukeskus Excellence Finland and has gained more popularity every year. In 2015 there are competing innovtions from 10 countries  – besides Finland and Estonia also Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan; Lithuania and Basque Country as newcomers.  In order to participate in the international competition, you need to be a category winner in Estonia.

The purpose of the Quality Innovation competition is to recognize and introduce to a wider public innovative and high quality solutions, which are created in Estonia, and show Estonia as country, where innovation is valued. 

Fore more information Q brochure 2015 (pdf).
Please fill the Application and send it to e-meil
Instructions for filling in the Application form

Deadline for applications is 1st of October 2015.

Wishing you good luck!

Mehis Bakhoff
phone + 372 50 62 825


The Quality Innovation of the Year Competition is an annual, international competition that helps innovators to
          - get professional assessment for their innovation
          - benchmark their innovation against others
          - increase the visibility of their innovation

All together this helps to increase the competiveness of each participating country.

Why should I participate in this competition?

This competition enables you to: 
          - benchmark your innovation at the national and international level
          - receive professional feedback from an independent body

Benefits of participating in this competition include:

- raising public awareness of your innovation
- help opening new markets
- motivate to increase the innovativeness in your organisation
- national and international recognition

What is a Quality Innovation?

A quality innovation is an innovation that

- has novelty value and is timely
- is practical and can be utilized
- has been developed in a systematic way
- corresponds to stakeholder's current and future needs
- has improved technical, social or commercial performance

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