Management conference: Creating new opportunities in changing world - better together


Estonian Association for Quality (EAQ) invites you to participate in  the international conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of EAQ and International Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 Award Gala, followed by inspirational workshops.
27th January, 2016, Viru Conference Centre, Tallinn

The Conference is organised in cooperation with EFQM and European Organization for Quality (EOQ). It is an opportunity to look forward together, focusing on co-creating and finding new opportunities in the changing, uncertain and complex world we are facing. The keywords are Innovation, Quality and Sustainable Performance Excellence and their role in modern world.

Keynote speakers
Hanno Tomberg (CEO, Enterprise Estonia) is focusing on the need for new approaches to the Quality of Management.

Tony Bendell (MD at Services Limited, UK) introduces the concept of Anti-fragility as a modern approach to Excellence in turbulent environment

Signe Ratso (Director of Trade, European Commission) talks about new trends in Sustainable Supply Chain Management giving a global perspective. '

Hazem Abolrous (Department Head, Microsoft Skype Innovation, Engineering Learning & Development) shares his experience as a trailblazer in the areas of Innovation Management and implementation.

Christian Mayeur (CEO, Entrepart, France) talks about Relational design and innovation of the 3rd kind, how to create customer delight - a starting point and not an objective in the digital era.


There is an unique opportunity to attend a workshop of your choice on the following day 28.01 – either C. Mayeur’s Let’s make the “Zhu” - Using artistic empathy to surprise your customers, where you can learn practical tools of relational design; or quality guru Greg Watson’s (Business Excellence Solutions) Leading the Lean Transformation – a breakthrough thinking exercise for leaders and decision makers about how to transform an organizational culture into a lean organization that has decided upon a strategic intent.


The highlight of the two-day event is the GALA of the competition Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 in the evening of 27th January, where we reward the international winners. Finalists from 10 countries - Estonia Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Israel, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain - with Ambassadors of the participating countries attend the Gala evening, as well as invited guests and partners of EAQ from Estonia and abroad. The patron of the competition is the President of the Republic of Finland, who is also signing the diplomas of the winners. You can also visit an exhibition the whole day, where the finalists of the competition, all already winners of their national competition, demonstrate their outstanding innovations.


Please contact by e-mail or call +372 566 36679.

Tiia Tammaru                                                                                                  

Chairman of the Board

Estonian Association for Quality    


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Workshops 28.01

Gregory Watson workshop Leading the Lean Transformation

Christian Mayeur workshop Let´s make the "Zhu"