CONFERENCE 2018 "Quality - a matter of trust?"

The main theme of the next annual management conference of Estonian Associtaion for Quality (EAQ) is the relation between trust and quality. Lack of trust is far too often the reason why best results are not being acheved despite big efforts. Neither the principles of management systems’ standards nor business excellence can be successfully implemented without trust between people: leadership and engagement, customer focus and partnership, agile processes and innovation all need trust to be effective. In relation to the development of technology and overall digitalization (big data, internet of things (IOT), Industry 4.0 etc)  we give more and more decision making power over to robots, smart devices, artificial intelligence (AI) depending at the same time on the quality and reliability (trustworthiness) of data and decision making processes as well as related risks. Our overall quality of life depends a lot on the level of trust between different stakeholders in the society. And finally – everything starts with trusting ourselves (self-trust).


9:30 – 10:00 Registration and coffee

10:00 – 12:00 Plenary Session

10:00 – 10:15 Opening and greetings. Tiia Tammaru, Chairman of the Board,

Estonian Association for Quality

10:15 – 11:00 Mohammad Habib, United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office.   Excellence and Performance Measurement Framework - An Integrated Model to Build Trust and Competitiveness in the Public Sector  - an Impact on the Future of the Government Organization introduces the unique Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Programme. One of the aims of the initiative is to increase trustworthiness and capability of the UAE Government to achieve the long-term ambitious Vision of the Emirates.

11:00 – 12:00 Stephen Hacker, USA, Transformation Systems International, founder and leadership expert.  Trusting Self Amidst Tsunamis of Change.  Technological shifts and newfound customer  requirements impact our  society, businesses and daily work processes.  But, we often see these changes as isolated incidents, something to address and overcome.  This is a mistake.  Better to view change as a series of tsunamis, increasing in frequency and magnitude.  These waves of change will usher either a transformation or cripple our enterprises.  Accelerated change and increased complexity are now demanding a different approach to ensure success.  There is a widening body of knowledge focusing no how to cease fighting the tsunamis of change and instead, achieve breakthrough results.  

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 14:45 Parallel Sessions

Parallel Session I – Biga Data, Robotics and Trust (in Estonian)

  • Kaur Andersson, Enics Group, Vice President. Using Big Data in Quality Management and Product Quality Assurance.  The presentation deals with experience and challenges of assuring product quality and trustworthiness of a company, based on the experience of Enics and electronics industry as a whole. What is the situation with product quality assurance by means of data gathering and analysis as well as production process optimization in practice? Does bigger amount of data assure better credibility?  
  • Arno Kütt, Cleveron Ltd, Founder and Board Member.  Cleveron, PackRobots and Trust. Cleveron’s story. How the robots developed by Cleveron assist in practice to assure process quality and reliability. In addition – main aspects of different topics related to using robots.

Parallel Session II – Trust and Leadership (in Estonian)

  • Mariken Ross, Hematologist, The North Estonia Medical Centre; Eneken Titov, Vice Recor of Studies, Estonian Entrepreneurship Univeristy  Mainor. Trust or Distrust: What Happens when a Patient Doesn’t Trust a Doctor or a Student Doesn’t Trust a Professor? A doctor and a professor analyse different aspects of trust from the viewpoint of their profession. Whom to trust? Why trust? How to keep trust? Should we trust changes? Self-trust. Distrust.
  • Siret Kegel, Elektrilevi, Member of the Board. Trust as Driver of Organizational Development. Three aspects of trust: role of trust in the personal development as a leader; role of trust during crisis management in an organization; and role of trust when conqueiring new heights with a team.

Parallel Session III – Trust Between Partners (in Estonian and English, with simultaneous interpretation)

  • Tiit Hindreus, Bureau Veritas Estonia, Country Manager. Certificates as Guarantee of Trust in B2B Relationships
  • Nina Langerholc Čebokli, Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration, Chief of Staff. Change Management Programme ‘Partnership for Change’.  The programme Partnership for Change is an innovative solution that addresses the lack of understanding and existing stereotypes between the private and public sector. It deals with problems, such as lack of creativity, openness, trust and too slow implementation of modern approaches.
  • Tõnis Kuuse, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Reducing Administrative Burden, while Ensuring Balance between Service Simplicity and Security. Citizens are expecting simpler and easier services from the state, assuming that there should be minimum bureaucracy and complexity when using them. At the same time we need to share more data and information about ourselves. Where is the limit? How much do we trust the state and willing to reveal about ourselves?

14:45 – 15:15 Energy Break

15:15 – 17:30 Quality and Innovation - Sharing best practices

Stories of the Estonian finaslists of Quality Innovation Award 2017 competition


Estonian Health Insurance Fund


Hansab Ltd

Lohkva Kindergarten

Nefab Packaging

Nortal Ltd

The North Estonia Medical Centre

Tallinn Health Care College

NGO Veriora Tsunft


Award ceremony of the finalists and winners of the competition Quality Innovation 2017

Recognition of the nominees and winners of competitions Quality Deed 2017 and Quality Face 2017

Walter Masing Award ceremony


17:30 - 19:00 Reception

Venue:  Ülemiste City Öpiku Building, Valukoja 8, Tallinn



Management Conference 2018 "A Matter of Trust"

24th January

Stephen Hacker "Trust Imperative" Workshop

25th January

Management Conference 2018 and Workshop

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